Our events are live!

All our VRazeTheBar events were listed in the Gen Con Online Event Catalog (www.gencon.com/event_finder) as of 13 July 2020. Remember you had to be registered with Gen Con Online to participate in these events!


We sold out early for many of our games but we still had some room in our Open Gaming and Exploration events where people had full access to the entire virtual Gen Con experience spread over 4 levels and multiple themes. It was nice to see fans meet up with friends (old and new), play any one of the native SL table top games and make their own LARP group in a dungeon or castle. They found the dragons and had a chance to fly one or just walk around the amazing 3D virtual world we created. Our dances were very popular.

Not to mention our three live panel sessions that were a resounding success!

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