About VRazeTheBar

Virtual Events and Conferences

VRazeTheBar is an organization dedicated to providing awesome virtual experiences as a complement to real-world and online events such as conferences, seminars and trade shows. We use a variety of virtual platforms that work in tandem with traditional face-to-face activities to provide a truly immersive experience for fans, artists, authors, exhibitors, presenters and other attendees who cannot attend a special event in person.

VRazeTheBar was founded by an experienced team of business, convention and technology experts who are proud to be partner with companies to provide experiences on the Linden Labs Second Life 3D virtual platform.

Our Mission

VRazeTheBar is dedicated to providing virtual collective experiences online that are immersive and interactive, connected to events such as conferences, seminars, performances and tradeshows.

Our Vision

VRazeTheBar is the “Go-To” company for virtual events, leaders in creating fun community environments and exciting guest experiences. We are global in scope, delivering a broad range of experiences including conventions, festivals, live performances, cultural events and even more.

Our Team

We are a core team who, along with our partners, creatives, and fan volunteers, can scale up to meet the requirements of each events. Our founders:


Master of Events and Conventions Operations

  • 25+ years in the convention business.

  • Built the Focused Attention business serving multiple conventions since 1995

  • Working with Gen Con continuously since 1996.

  • Extensive experience in the design, development, and delivery of corporate learning.

  • Skilled at matching the right people with the right situation when the need arises.


Seasoned Technology Leader

  • Solution Architect specializing in broadband networks and cloud computing for media and entertainment applications

  • Proven track record of bringing new technologies and services to market

  • Serial CEO and Registered Professional Engineer (PEng)

  • Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering

  • Lifetime board game, video game and VR enthusiast.

The Team That Does ALL The Work


Marketing and Promotions


Leadership, Events and Virtual Sound Master


Master Builder and Designer


Master Builder and Shopping Expert


QA and Scripting


Builder and Designer


Master Avatar Builder and Dragon Rider