Second Life

We would love for you to join us In World and join a community that is here to show you the ins and outs of Social Distancing via a Virtual World.

If you are new to Second Life, getting started is simple and easy to do. You will need a free Second Life account and you will need to download one of the free 3D browsing software viewers (Mac, PC or Linux) from Linden Lab or Firestorm in order to join us in-world for a VRazeTheBar virtual experience. This YouTube video explains it nicely.

Second Life is the Internet's leading user-created virtual world that's been enjoyed by millions of people and organizations across the globe.For the past 17 years, major companies and education institutions have used Second Life for remote meetings, conferences and collaborations

More about our Linden Lab Enterprise 3D Virtual World Gaming Platform

We have built our virtual Gen Con experience using Linden Lab's Enterprise/Education version of Second Life - a 3D virtual world platform made available by Linden Labs specifically to provide a safe, fun solution for virtual meetups, classes and conferences.

Second Life, developed by Linden Lab and first established in 2003, is the largest user-created 3D virtual world of its kind and it is being enjoyed by millions of people and organizations across the globe. Typically, there are well over 100,000 simultaneous users online at any one time. Second Life has its own currency and economy, realistic looking avatars (human and otherwise), a vibrant gaming community, sophisticated tools for building environments of all kinds and an integrated marketplace.

The Second Life viewer/client is open source, it is free to download and easy to install on both PC and MAC. For those not wanting to participate in a VRazeTheBar virtual in-world experience with your own avatar, we will also be live streaming many of our events for both mobile and fixed devices.

Find out more about the history of Linden Lab and the marvellous 3D virtual world that they have created

We want your online virtual experience to be a safe, enjoyable and inclusive experience for all.

Everyone participating in our Events is expected to have agreed to the Linden Lab Terms of Service (TOS) when they joined Second Life.